A new beginning….

Being new to the world of blogging and having started this blog many moons ago, I thought it was about time I got this show on the road, so to speak. This blog, unfortunately for all of you is going to be somewhat of a diary for me. I shall try and post something daily  but there will be times where I may get waylaid.

I started this project originally because the people around me kept telling me that I should. I never thought I really had much to share with the world, I thought I was reasonably normal, but as it turns out I’m not normal, nobody is normal, define normal? Every single person on this planet is different, every animal for that matter or rather every living thing on this lovely planet that we call home is different. Isn’t that wonderful!

Now my understanding of the ‘Norm’ these days is drowning in debt because of the things that we ‘have’ to ‘have’ in order to lead a ‘normal life’, things our grandparents and their parents before them certainly wouldn’t even have dreamed of shelling money out for! The world has progressed so rapidly that we are all struggling to keep up and it’s that keeping up that is landing us in trouble financially and as a consequence physically and emotionally. My husband and I, like most of you have a mortgage that we are able to pay, as we are lucky to have reasonably well paying jobs (well to what we used to earn our current jobs are like the lottery) but we aren’t as comfortable as we would like. Ideally my husband wants to pay the mortgage off in 10 years. Not impossible, but by joe will it be hard work! Being a bookkeeper I do rather feel responsible for the finances, we are no strangers to tightening the belt on spending and after a brief flight of fancy enjoying our new found feeling of money to spare it’s time to get back on track and start trimming the waste.

I hope some of my processes, or tips if you will, help others out there to achieve their goals in life a little sooner. For now it’s time to get back to work.